If shooting at f/22, is a fast 1.8 lens still considered fast?

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Re: noirdesir - really?

edwardaneal wrote:

you posted here that there was no advantage in AF with lenses faster than f/5.6 as if it were a hard fact in every possible mode.

you then admit that in other focus modes such as would be used in live view that the AF system could in fact take advantage of the faster glass

so you misled people

Reading comprehension, reading comprehension, dear Edward, is really your weak point. My very post here said:

Anything faster than f/5.6 (or probably f/5) is lost on the phase-detect AF (except on some Canon bodies which have a few special f/2.8 focus points). The phase-detect AF sensor in all Nikon bodies only sees light coming from the 'f/5.6 ring'.

I said phase-detect AF on Nikon cameras is limited to f/5.6 and you later accuse me of having said that any kind of AF is limited to f/5.6. What should people think of somebody who is shamelessly lying just to be able to accuse me?

You also told the people here that because if the design than NO nikon phase detect AF system can take advantage of apertures faster than F/5.6

again you misled people by posting things as if they were fact and now you have admitted you are speculating

Well, I also speculate that the Earth is round and not flat. I have no definite statement from God that the Earth is round but all the evidence available has led me and most sufficiently educated people to come to the conclusion that it is round, in as much that most people would say it is a fact.

So basically everything you posted has been worthless - you have given no facts to back up your statements and in fact you have admitted that your statements are based on an unverified assumption that Nikon used a limited design of phase detect auto focus like the one in your only example*

Again have you verified that the Earth is round and not flat? I guess not, but you still would state is as if it were a fact.

who do you think the people should trust ? My links to reliable sources and an actual test - or your misstatements and speculation?

I think the answer to that is very simple, people will trust the person who has presented the more logical and convincing arguments.

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