If shooting at f/22, is a fast 1.8 lens still considered fast?

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Re: so you finally admit you dont really know - - thank you

edwardaneal wrote:

Okay - you want circumstantial evidence that Nikon does in fact use this type of sensor - how about the fact that in the scientific test I posted Nikon had higher low light accuracy with fast lenses than Canon did

And what does this prove beyond that the overall AF system in Nikons seems to better? There are so many variables that are different when comparing the performance of different systems using this a proof is just plain foolish.

It is like saying a car must have a V12 engine because it is faster than another car with a V12 engine. If you fail to see the fallacy of this kind of logic, I am afraid I cannot help you.

If Canon were the only manufacture to have these special sensors wouldn't you expect it to give them the advantage with fast glass?

No, because AF systems are quite complex, one single feature does not determine overal performance.

Canon doesn't really tout the fact they have these sensors, they only point out that they are only active when fast glass is mounted. Perhaps Nikons sensors are always active and they dont think it is a big deal

Always active would mean all AF sensor points have both f/2.8 and f/5.6 sensors. And yes, that would be possible, except that my second point in my previous message clearly disproves that.

But again, you do not respond to arguments that might show you are wrong. Please, until you explain to me why my second argument is not conclusive as to the absence of f/2.8 AF sensors in Nikon cameras, I consider your argumentation as phoney, as in wilfully ignoring arguments (and not providing an explanation as to why you ignore them).

Fact is you have no clue if nikon camera can or cant take advantage of lenses faster than f/5.6 - you are only guessing - and you just admitted it

I have no absolute proof unless Nikon makes an unambiguous statement or somebody disassembles a Nikon camera. Nikon could naturally be wilfully disabling AF when somebodies tries to test for the presence of f/2.8 sensors by blocking the f/5.6 ring just in order to keep it a secret that it uses f/2.8 sensors.

The point is that the vast majority of people who understand the basic technic principles behind phase-detect AF (which you at the beginning of this thread certainly did not) have come to the conclusion that Nikon only uses f/5.6 AF sensors. Nobody has ever brought up any explanation as to why the blocking-the-f/5.6-ring test would stop the AF if there actually were f/2.8 sensors.

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