D7000 vs. D700 - which one to buy

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Re: D7000 vs. D700 - which one to buy

I about the high ISO performance of the D700. There are a lot of claims about the high ISO performance of the D7k, but my D7k images are plainly not the equal of D700 or D3 images at ISO 6400. As a short term choice the D7k makes sense from a cost and resale value point of view with better auto WB and decent high ISO performance than the D2x. It just depends on which factors the OP considers most important.

Catallaxy wrote:

Do you want to shoot above ISO 1600 regularly? If yes, then the D700 is still a better performer above ISO 1600. You can notice the difference if you look very closely from ISO 500 or so, but by ISO 1600 the differences are apparent. By ISO 3200 there is a clear IQ difference in favor of the D700.

Do you shoot tele a lot? Your D2x is a crop factor camera and you are used to having that 1.5x extra reach. If you move to the D700, you are going to lose that crop factor and all your lenses will end up being shorter than before. This is extremely important as it may trigger the purchase of a longer tele otherwise.

Do you shoot indoor sports or under very challenging focusing conditions? If yes, you want the D700. The D7000 is good, but the AF on the D700 is noticeably faster, snappier and tracks better. The D7000 is good for some BIF, but the D700 is better.

Do you shoot candids or events where being discreet and quiet is required? If yes, you want the D7000. In regular mode, the D7000 has a fairly quiet shutter. In Quiet Mode, it is unbelievably quiet. Quieter than my D60 and quieter than an old D40.

Do not rule out the D300s if you are a sports shooter that needs the 1.5x crop factor, and still needs the most responsive AF in a DX camera. I trialed both the D300s and the D7000 and the D300s has better AF and handling.

BTW, I have the D7000, the D700, the D60 and the D90 (had the D80, but since sold it).

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