New 60D owner had a 7D that bit the dust & could use opinions....

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New 60D owner had a 7D that bit the dust & could use opinions....

I had my &D for 8 great months. I took about 10,000 photos on it during that time. I had purchased it at best buy along with there black tie plan.

Long story short Monday was the 3rd time I had to take it to them due to the camera freezing up during use. I was told since it was the 3rd time it was now considered a lemon.

I have some upcoming photo shoots not to mention my daughters prom in which I had to have a camera. They did not have a 7D in stock nor could they get me 1 in time for my appointments. So I decided to give the 60D a chance. I really do like it but they just kept repeating YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE THIS CAMERA IS A BIG STEP DOWN FROM THE 7D IT IS NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. I know the &D is more ruggued has more features but with that said is the 60D not also a good camera?

Also even though the 7D I had was under manufacturer warranty they used my almost $400.00 service to replace it and wanted me to purchase another service plan. PlusWhen I originally bought the 7D it was a tax free day and if they had have ordered the 7D I would have had to pay around $200.00 more to cover the taxes.

Right now I have the 60D and a $700.00 store credit.

Guess what I am wondering is should I feel like I am less of a photographer, that my equipment really is not professional now, that I took a HUGE step backwards? I just cannot see paying anymore out at bestbuy.

Thanks for listening,

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