1000 photos ruined

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1000 photos ruined


Please tell me I have used the wrong technique with my Nikon 70-200 VR1 and Kenko 1.4Tc as all the photos from a recent event cannot be sold due to blurriness.

I have used the combination with that switch that specifies whether or not you want the first 2.5 metres taken into account switched towards the camera meaning to focus beyond 2.5 metres.

All the photos have what I call fractured backgrounds and very unsharp subjects.

I am hoping it is that switch that has caused it by being in the wrong position,if it was in the right position then I need to throw it out and get something better to do the job.There was no issue with VR as it was off all the time and I was shooting
in sunlight with high shutter speeds.

I tested the combination before using it and there wasnt an issue however
you could say I tested it on landscape scenes and not where a subject was from 5
to 50 metres.

Thanks and Regards


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