HS20 3 week review.

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Russell Fielding wrote:

Nice one Daniel, sounds a fair-minded assessment having taken into account the issues that others have been complaining about.

2. This 'lowering the quality to M' business. Can this technique not be used on other cameras too to improve their IQ? Or is it just specific to the HS20 or just to EXR cams?

... With the EXR cameras, in an EXR mode, the pixels are combined to, effectively, produce larger pixels. Hence, the 'seeming' drop in resolution.

Those who got the F200 EXR when it first came out, myself included, found that switching the camera to Medium (M) also turned on the pixel combining.

One of the main benefits is that the ISO/DR relationship is then independent of each other. As an example, in Large (L), if you set ISO 100, then the minimum DR available is DR 100%. In M, DR 100, 200, or 400% can be used.

3. I like taking photos at football/soccer games especially (strangely) of the crowd celebrating etc. I currently have the FZ18 with an 18x zoom and 8mp and at full zoom in good light faces are reasonably clear and very identifiable from roughly 130-140 metres away. Would the HS20 be able to do this, or (hopefully) better or are the results at full zoom too mushy? I usually use 100ISO unless otherwise necessary.

Have a look at some examples from my HS-10 at full zoom. Nothing wrong with the lens (same as HS-20 EXR).


Many in this series also at full zoom, hand held.


5. I liked your post the other day (for which you were attacked in a way OTT manner) where you played down the watercolour issue/lack of foliage sharpness especially in landscape shots as being not that important to a lot of people. Well, I hope I got the gist right! I agree, to a degree. Unless you're printing out above A4 it's probably not going to be a problem. A3 may even be alright, who knows. Who regularly prints out that big with or without a small sensor camera?

I do. I have the S100 fs, F200 EXR and the HS-10 and there is no problem printing very good A3 from any of them.

6. Have you tried to overcome the watercolour problem by varying the settings? Eg turning off NR as much as you can, experimenting with in camera sharpness/contrast etc.

With the HS-10, turning the sharpening to Hard not only sharpens but also turns down the NR. I don't have the HS-20 EXR yet, but I would try turning the NR down and the sharpness up.

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Cheers, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.


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