Comparison hs20 vs SX30.

Started Apr 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
SX30 isn't a bad camera, but just so slooooow to use

I tried out a SX30 for a while and its a pretty nice camera. The build quality and plastic feel very cheap, but I'm sure its a well made camera.

The ability to pull the zoom out to help reacquire the subject is really handy as well.

Probably the best IS system of any of the superzooms as well

However, the real downsize to the camera is just that its so slow. About 1 shot per second, and overall just feels sluggish in everything.

With all the Fuji's, Sony's, Panasonic's etc all doing 8+ FPS, which I find really useful for stuff like birds,animals etc at the longer focal lengths, its rather tough to use a camera where its not able to fire a burst.

The purple fringing can be rather pronouced as well. Can be dealt with in PS I know, but it can be pretty severe at times.

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