14-140mm vs gh1 kit vs gh2 kit

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Re: GH1 at $349 direct from Panasonic (quite a bargain)

Been agonizing over the decision between gh1 and gh2.

The gh2 is nowhere to be found especially in Canada. The date they have is June or worse.

Finally I went to a local store and they had the gh1/14-140 kit brand new in box with sn 0c and fw 1.2 so it's hackable, and they matched panasonic's price for the kit at 999.00 so I couldn't resit and got it.

I'm sure the gh2 is much better but I think the gh1 is still a nice camera and hacked will be close to gh2 in video quality.

Any way if I don't like it I can sell it close to what I payed as it is the hackable version.

Will try it on vacation soon and see how it behaves. I hope I won't regret leaving the d700 at home. At least I won't have to worry about loosing 5k+ worth of gear and carry all that weight.

How's the gh1 at low iso in photo? Is it better than the gf1?

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