Tips for gear storage while hiking?

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Re: Tips for gear storage while hiking?

My solution with all my previous cameras was to hang the camera on a strap around my neck and tuck the camera inside my jacket. This also helps with keeping the battery warm in the winter time. I never had issues damaging the camera that way. The jacket was enough to keep the camera dry and out of harms way. For hiking, I think you'll find that on a nice day when you don't need a jacket, your camera will be safe hung around your neck.

With my E-PL1 I decided to upgrade to something that doesn't put as much pressure on my neck, so I bought a Clik Elite chest pack: I have the small which works fine for the 20mm Panasonic lens, but is a bit tight for the M.Zuiko 40-150mm. I have been happy with this so far. I think I can actually get the camera out to take a picture faster than when it was around my neck. I have only had the camera since Christmas, but it has survived a full season of back country skiing and plenty of face plants.

Neither of these solutions is fully waterproof or impact proof, but I am a big believer in having the camera there to take the picture even if I risk more damage to my camera.


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