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Gelbvieh wrote:

I have a 450D but would like to upgrade sometime in the next 12-18months to a 7D. I have only really just taken up photography (10months) but since hubbie brought me the 100mm macro f/2.8L IS USM for Christmas I have become really disappointed in what my standard 18-55 and 55-270 kit lens offer, especially around softness.

It looks like you are pixel-peeping.

The 18-55 IS (if you indeed have the IS version - which I presume, since you have the 55-250 IS) is rather good lens in terms of image quality, you need to spend quite a bit to improve a little on that. A prime macro is an excellent lens, hard to beat.
have a look at some lens reviews at http://www.photozone.de

Taking to a few camera shops still standing here in Christchurch it appears all are agreed on the 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM but more viable at the other end of the scale, with the suggested front runner being EFS 18-85mm f/3.6-5.6 IS USM.

The 70-300 IS USM is not much of an upgrade for the 55-250 IS at all. It sure will not be like your macro. To get top quality, you need something like the 70-200 L lenses, or the 70-300 IS USM L (which get's heavy), and even the latter some people seem disappointed with sharpness (quality control issue??)

There is no 18-85, perhaps you mean the 15-85 IS?
it would be a good step up from the 18-55 IS.

Most of my photography is wildlife and sport, with a few landscapes when travelling.

Given this, a good tele might be what you want, rather than a replacement for the 18-55 at present.

What do others recommend and which should I upgrade first?


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