Buying DSLR next month - Help Needed!!

Started Apr 26, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Buying DSLR next month - Help Needed!!

Hi Everybody..
its a good news for me, I've decided to buy my first DSLR next month..

i am looking for a camera as a long term purpose..which i can have for a long time..

i am looking for entry level DSLR, as i am not a professional photographer but i am photo enthusiastic. I love to take pictures!!

i am getting confused between 2 models:
Canon 550D and Nikon D5100

they are both in same price category..

i've searched about them and found out D5100 has more features then 550D, however many reviewers has positive approach towards 550D, it got Gold Award here on dpreview too!!

so i really like the 550D..because of its build quality and performance which they states..
some of the videos of 550D on youtube is awesome..
but wait!!

Nikon has just launched their new D5100 with swivel screen, in the same price range of 550D
but i am not sure about its performance though..
what is body material of D5100? is it durable?
i want to know the real performance of D5100..
its performance of the field..

can you tell me which one is better amongst two?

i like to take pictures of landscapes, fast moving object like birds, sportsman etc..

some more questions:

Focus motor not present in Nikon's camera, really makes any difference?...i mean we can focus with lenses right?, where as Canon has Focus motor in body as well as in Lens so is it beneficial, because it has 2 Focus Motors?

In most Canon's Cons there is one con i am confused about which is "Hand grip can be a little cramp-inducing after long periods of use"..
so do Canon's dslr tends to slip in long run?

Is Overheating problem is major in DSLR??..
do both the models of Nikon and Canon gets overheat??

1 thing i noticed is that Canon has good build Quality whereas Nikon has good lens Quality..

Canon Bodies are expensive then Nikon, while Nikon's most of the lenses are expensive than Canon..
so i am really confused as to buy which one..

i am hoping for a assistance from you guys..

P.S Thanks for reading my whole query and excuse my bad English..its not my 1st language

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