Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: More please?

John Bean (UK) wrote:

I can't see the point of the comparison, they're different lenses with different amounts of colour shift.

Well they are both 25mm...with vastly differnet amount of color shift. One lens has a lot, and one has very little. That's nice to know isn't it?

The Snapshot-Skopar has more of course,

Of course! Way more.

but that doesn't mean that your Zeiss has none as you claim.

I didn't quite say that..."none". I said there is no smearing but I always left the door open a crack for some color shift. I said I could not detect any shift in my real world shots. Yes perhaps there is a small amount according to you guys--but surely nothing like the shift produced with the VC 25mm.

I (and others) can clearly see colour shifts in your image; it would gain benefit from the use of Cornerfix just as the Skopar does.

"Just as" implies similar peformance. I don't agree here. If this shot was taken with the VC 25mm, you would see much more shift. I don't see any in this shot.

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