Fuji is working on a Foveon-type sensor

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Re: Fuji is working on a Foveon-type sensor

That is unless there are issues with the strange color space generated by filtering by depth in Si that cannot be easily overcome. Up to now the big issue with the Foveon is color cast and color shift.

The first color films were pretty poor. I expect the Foveon could someday be on display as a pioneer - but the pioneers were the ones that got shot and scalped going across the great plains. While Kodak came up with the idea long before Foveon - one has to wonder why Kodak did not pursue it.

Fuji has a patent on using dyes similar to those used in color films for vertical color sensors. Nikon has a patent on micro mirrors to split the light to three different color sensors. There are a lot of options out there. I expect when Kodak's patent expires (patents are only good for 17 years ) we will see a lot of innovation.

D Cox wrote:

Or, as someone says in one of Saki's stories, "never be a pioneer: it's the early Christian that gets the lion."

I will be surprised if there are any cameras with Bayer mosaics on sale in fifteen years' time.

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