2d defective 1D this week!!!

Started Nov 23, 2002 | Discussions thread
Lee Rothman Veteran Member • Posts: 4,789
Re: 2d defective 1D this week!!!

that's a real drag. My 8000 series was perfect from day one. NO banding or noise. Indeed the quality control (or some factory recycling) is to blame....

SASand wrote:

I just tested the 1D I received today from B&H to replace the one I
received Monday. The first one (Serial # 18xxx) had noise and
banding at ISO 1600 and ISO 800 on the entire left side of some
frames. The problem was intermittent. The new one (serial # 17xxx)
shows the same problem to a slightly lesser degree, but at a much
higher frequency—a large percentage of the frames shot at ISO 1600
have additional noise on the left half of the frame.

I am at a loss to figure out how to get my hands on a 1D that
doesn't have this problem—two defective 1D bodies in the same week
is a little hard to take. Anyone have any ideas? I just want a 1D
that meets Canon's quality control standards, is that too much to
ask? What is going on with Canon's manufacturing? And these
additional shipping charges are piling up.

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