Best way to modify speedlights for portraits?

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Re: Thank you all.

JackM wrote:

DanInSoCal wrote:

Can you tell me in scientific terms how a free-standing diffusion panel differs from the diffusion panel on the front of a softbox? That is, how does a 60x60 standalone diffusion panel behave any differently from a 60x60 softbox? I don't get it.

Indoors, I would think that a softbox would do more to prevent light from spilling out or reflecting back into the room, which could then reflect back to your subject and background again. This may or may not be a good thing. Outdoors, I think a softbox would just conserve flash battery.

Actually I was thinking specifically in terms of softness of light. A softbox is going to be more "efficient" because as you note a diffusion panel (much like a shoot-through umbrella) will send a lot of light away from the subject.


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