Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: More please?

Alupang wrote:

headofdestiny wrote:

This looks like purple shift to me, no?

No...unless I'm blind here. That cloud in the upper right looks to me to be the same color tone as the shady portion in other clouds. Maybe I am color blind but seriously? I can clearly see color shift with this CV 25/4 in this thread. So hmmm.


Can you see the difference? Compare please. These look pretty bad to me while my shots look much better? What do you think?

I can't see the point of the comparison, they're different lenses with different amounts of colour shift. The Snapshot-Skopar has more of course, but that doesn't mean that your Zeiss has none as you claim. I (and others) can clearly see colour shifts in your image; it would gain benefit from the use of Cornerfix just as the Skopar does.

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