***** Challenge #121 - Adventure - Results ******

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***** Challenge #121 - Adventure - Results ******

Thanks everyone for submitting photos to this challenge. The judging process has been very interesting, and a learning experience, for me. My conclusion is that what conveys the the sense of adventure most of all is the human face - when there is a face in the photo with some sort of anticipation/panic/joy that comes from the adventure, it makes the photo.

29 photos have been submitted, Some of which are excellent photos, but for me just didn't spell "Adventure". Some other were adventurous, but didn't make the par photographicaly.

Quite obviously, the judging process is very subjective, so I'm sure other people would have arrived at different results, but hey, thats the spirit of these challenges :-).

All of the critique I've written below is obviously my opinion and not some universal truth, please take it as that.

(Drumroll, please)
And now, without further ado, here are the results of Challenge #121

First of all, a few honorable mentions (in no particular order):
Joaquin100 - "Part of a recent bike tour"

A bicycling touring trip across countries is certainly adventurous stuff, and this photo tells that story. The composition works nicely, but the posed stand, harsh midday sun (putting the object's face in total darkness), and clear skies don't do this story justice.

sukotin - "And you thought to use a shortcut to home..."

Great photo. I love the lighting and mood of it. I'd say it's more about mystery, but walking through there would certainly be an adventure...

Robert Dodson - "Africa"

An adventure Safari through Africa sounds great, and seeing the jeeps so close to the elephants certainly conveys the adventurous feeling. Unfortunately, the composition is too scattered - many elephants all around the place with no order or pattern, or one standing out.

TinTaipei - "wadirum"

Wadi Rum is one of the most amazing places on earth, and going on a jeep tour there is quite an adventure. I think this photo doesn't convey that well enough. Maybe its the fact that we can see no face, or that the composition is too centered on the jeep. It just doesn't work that well for me.

RomanJohnston - "End of the trail panorama"

A truly gorgeous photo, and I could see the adventure in getting to the end of the trail, and the thrill of hearing the roar of the waterfalls getting closer and closer, until we finally get a glimpse of it through the trees. However, the soft colors in this photo give me quite a serene feeling, which is... well... quite the opposite

Top 10 in the next post...
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