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Re: run windows on mac

probert500 wrote:

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aman74 wrote:

probert500 wrote:

Get as much memory as you can afford and - most importantly - get the most powerful graphics card you can afford. Many apps are running their graphics straight on the gpu.

It seems very rare that a high end gpu is needed.

Lightroom doesn't seem to use the GPU very much. Bridge sort of does. Photoshop wants VRAM more than it wants a high-end GPU, and only needs a powerful video card for 3D, not so much for 2D/photo.

Aperture seems to like powerful video cards. That's part of why I never got it...I keep my Macs too long and Lightroom always ran better on older hardware.

Yes, that's what I was getting at. From what I know your thoughts seem right on, Aperture is the only one with a real benefit for 2D editing and even then I've not heard that you need to make sure you go out and get the highest end gpu possible.

I was just trying to point out suspect recommendations.

This is what we call irony.

You're funny.

That's what I call advice to unnecessarily spend extra money with no benefit.

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