One Camera to Rule them All

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Re: One Camera to Rule them All

KAF18500 wrote:

SD1 is out. At least in production lines. It will change the landscape of photography and pixel peeping. Can someone here please start a Flick group for SD1 users? This will go down in history, a defining moment where the providence of IQ evidence turns into viral marketing.

Hi KAF18500

You're new to this forum, and I'm not long here either. I tried to understand your main remarks but couldn't on a few of counts:

1. Where does your info come from?

2. What do you mean by your two assertions: "...landscape of photography...pixel peeping..." and "...go down in history...viral marketing..."
3. Why can't you start a "Flick" group?

As it stands, you post sounds rather like an exuberant rave. I for one would appreciate some clarification.

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