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DS Sulley wrote:

I agree that it's really not A big deail deal running it via Parellels, other than the initial expense. But I am curious as to why Access is not part of the Mac Office suite. The replys thus far have been good, but merely guesses, I do also run MS Project via Parellels so I am kind of committed to both platforms I guess.

The answer (I believe) is that databases have been going out of fashion for quite a while. Which is a painful reality for someone like me who has been running FileMaker Pro since 1994. Spreadsheets now do most of the jobs that database managers do, and for some reason users are more used to spreadsheets (don't ask me why). Plus many of the jobs that databases were called on to do are now done by apps like Address Book, iTunes, iCal, etc. And also note - Apple's own iWork includes word processor DTP / spreadsheet / presentation software ... but no database, unlike the much older AppleWorks.

It's not just on Macs. You will find the Home & Student version of Office for Windows does not include Access - it's seen as a 'professional' tool, rather than a home tool these days. So it's not really an Access issue, it's a database issue.
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