One Camera to Rule them All

Started Apr 24, 2011 | Discussions thread
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and what of lenses?

Because, in my experience, most resellers dont even know Sigma makes lenses for its own camera mount. Anecdotal evidence I have drawn from this forum compared to the Nikon and Canon forums suggests they are mighty rare on the ground anyway.

I can picture this: Customer walks in to buy SD1... the greatest DSLR ever to be released in 10 years that slays dead even Canon full frame cameras (according to one renowned poster on these boards). Echoed from the pulpits of every camera reviewer on net or paper on the planet.

Customer asks of store: 'I would like to buy a couple of lenses as well.' Reseller replies, "Sorry sir, we only stock Nikon and Canon mount Sigma lenses."

If Sigma wants this camera to be the Holy Grail of photography they sure had better have a supply of lenses to back the damn thing up. If ever there was a case for a manufacturer to release multiple SKU's that allow a reseller to order in camera+extended lens retail packages the SD1 is it.

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