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I can understand that...

...some people don't want swivel screen because they don't use the live view.

I can understand the some people don't want swivel screen because they don't use the video feature and only rarely use live view.

I can understand that people don't want the range finder function because they see no use for it or don't understand how it is implemented in the D5000.

But that's about it.

I can not understand the people who don't want swivel screen because they see problems only, problems which are imaginary and unreal and not existing in any brand.

I can not understand the people who don't want the swivel screen because they look down on those who do, and feel that their precious camera will be degraded into a "P&S look" if it had a swivel screen.

I can not understand people who don't want the swivel screen because they see absolute no use for it and can not imagine any possible improvements to their own photography composition or work wise.

I can never understand people who see things egoistically in black and white and can never imagine something new can be useful unless it is useful for them personally.

The swivel screen has nothing to do with P&S, or arms length shooting. It would give the possibilities to use the camera in many different ways compared with a fixed screen solution, and it would not prevent those who like the fixed screen to use the camera the same way as it is today. It would open up opportunities to new angles, shooting angles which can not be achieved with a fixed screen, regardless how hard one tries and how much one is ready to crawl in mud. Some angles are just not possible with a fixed screen, and while in some cases that's solvable with a right angle finder, it is more easily solvable with a swivel screen. An external screen can also be used at some occasions, but far too few to be a practical solution. Besides, just like the right angle finder, even this results in an extra gadget to carry around when the solution could be in front of you with a swivel screen.

A swivel screen would only have advantages, but only to those who are open for new ideas and compositions. For those who can never imagine lifting their eyes from the viewfinder to widen their horizons and for the snobs, the narrow minded, it would only be an extra thing they are not interested in.

I am however convinced that if the camera comes with such a screen, some of the naysayers will eventually change their minds when they realize that they indeed can improve their photography by using the screen the way it was supposed to be.

This thread was not about making a long wish list for the D400. I did say that I trust Nikon will make an excellent camera in every other aspects. However, these two items have never been discussed before, and now with the arrival of D5100 I think it is time to mention these items as well. These (especially the swivel screen) would be by far the biggest design change of the Nikon cameras since 2005, the introduction of D200, or maybe since 2002, the introduction of D100.

We have no idea about how Nikon will do and I am pretty sure I can never convince then either way. I just hope they realize the usefulness of such screen and dare to take a design step forward in body solutions. Everything must not remain the same just because they were the same for the last 9-10 years and just because it has never been done by Nikon before. It’s time to take a step into the next generation DSLR world, where video is integrated in a useful way and where our DSLRs can be used the way waist level cameras could be used ages ago, even long before I was born. The combination of all three, traditional shooting through OVF, waist, or even better, any level still image photography, combined with video is possible today with the right type of display. This is more than necessary; I believe it is the standard of future cameras, just like VR/IS, integrated video, anti dust shaker, contrast detect AF and live view is. Swivel screen is just the next step in the right direction.

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