NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: I have DSLRS and how does the nex fit?

r1chm wrote:

Well I have DSLRs too though not a d3, to expensive and I don't need one because the IQ and fps/AF of midrange dslrs is more than enough for what I do.

I ride dirtbikes and street bikes as well as go on vacations. But the Nex is not that much smaller than a dslr if you put a decent lens on it.r.

Well all depends on what you find a decent lens. I find the 18-55 a nice kit lens, no it is not a stellar performer, but it is way better then any lens I had on a P&S. With this lens the Nex is a lot smaller then any DSLR at the moment. I like the way the Nex is a lot lighter with lens then my A700 without lens.

I bought a Panasonic ZS7. It has a 24-300 lens and is IS. Is it as good as the Nex as far as lens speed, Nope, shutter speed or FPS? Nope. Interchangeable lens. Nope. High ISO performance, Nope but it does do a great job taking pictures for vacations.

Why should pictures taken on vacation be of a lesser IQ then the ones taken at home? On vakation I use to go to places I will not go otherwise. I want my pictures taken there to be as good as possible. A small camera will not deliver especialy one with abig zoom lens.

It also doesdoes two things the Nex could never do. First, it can fit in my pocket the Nex cannot. Keep my money in my wallet ($239) and I never have to change lenses. If I have the room to take the Nex, I have the room to take a superior DSLR. Not being a troll, just being realistic.

Maybe not a troll, but not realy telling the truth too! The Nex with the pancake lens can fit in a pocket! So it can be quite small! Then the Nex is a lot smaller then ANY DSLR with the same kind of lens, so there are lotsof times you could take a Nex with you, but would leave the DSLR at home...

When you are sattisfied with your cameras, that is great. When you don't want or need the Nex, that is totaly up to you, but why telling this here on the Nex forum? I'm not going to an other forum telling people that I don't need/like/want their camera of choice! People are different, the needs of people are different so the camera people buy is different. That is good! ut stay at your forum...

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