Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of the EPL2

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Tony Tomlin
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Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of the EPL2

I am just a traveller who likes to record our wandering, I would not call myself a photographer. I have toted film cameras, compacts and then an E500 and E3 around the world, mainly cruising. I always carry the camera on a short wrist strap, with, at one time a Mono Pod and second lens. As I became more mature!! I gave up carrying the Pod, fitted the 14-54 on the E3 and contented myself with this walkaround kit, taking more than 15K shots.

The release of the M43 semed to offer an even lighter set up but it wasn't until the EPL2 and DP's review that I was tempted. I found very quickly that composing at arms length is not for me particularly in bright light so the budget was blown on a VF2.

Initial results seemed good but I could not settle on the most comfortable use of the button and wheel controls but finally decided that on our first trip I would disable the wheel turn action and use only it's button function. Since I primarily use Aperture priority and usually use exposure compensation those functions work quite well with a light touch before changes. After some advice in this forum I also settled on iEnhance standard as the picture mode.

Off we went up the US east coast to face unbelievable rain in Savannah making me yearn for the weatherproof E3 however, because the EPL2 is so light I found that I could easily hold a brolley over my head while shooting one handed.

We captured Charleston, New York (as if Canadian's could do that) then crossed the Atlantic via Bermuda, the Azores, Madiera and Malaga, a good variety of light and subjects yielding 1700 plus photos.

I am very pleased with the results, mostly as good as the E3 - of course low light situations are a challenge - but I have a few frustrations. The settings around that Darned wheel are so sensitive that quick shots when I can't check are risky. It might be my ham hands but It does seem to get changed so easily.

Generally the traits are similar to the E3, I always under expose at least a third to keep my clouds. The colors and white balance are similar although I think auto white balance on the E3 is more accurate and I found custom setting, having programmed it onto the "function" button is awkward compared to the bigger camera. The big difference I see is in gradation; DPreview warned of the noisy shadows when set to auto and MY oh MY is that right! They can be addressed to some extent with "Neat Image" but after returning and editing in PS elements I have moved the setting to normal.

The great big PLUS is size, I have hung the E3 from my wrist in some wierd places in the world but was aware that it was attracting attention whereas I wandered anywhere with the EPL2 concious that everyone either doesn't see it or dismisses it and with the EV2 turned up I took candid pictures unoticed. HA! that EV2!! Superb viewer but it DOES come off. Perhaps mine is a little loose but I didn't feel secure until I put a rubber band across the bottom then crossed it over the top and around the lens mount. (I can still press the switch button through the rubber) I read the long thread discussing this but no one seems to have an elegant solution. It needs a bracket or securing screw somewhere but there is limited space to drill any holes. ANY new Ideas?
Overall I am happy enough that I will probably sell the E3 and all it's clobber.

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