epl2 vs canon xt, is it any better? no science just looking for opinions.

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Re: epl2 vs canon xt, is it any better? no science just looking for opinions.

Baikal70 wrote:

While I appreciate the advice my origional reason for the post was because I was organizing pics and started noticing in many cases my old 8 yr old canon pics were better than my new shiny epl2. With this in mind I went out and took a couple of pics similar to some I had previously posted here. So I guess I was just venting my frustration. Sorry if this wasted anyones time. As for composition issues mentoned by the last poster, I think it is the difference in using the vf to frame rather than the screen on the back. Thanks, now I want the vf2 lol

No worries about any wasted time, we all read these posts voluntarily! I think though, that to get the best out of your camera, it is important to take the time to learn it, including strengths and weaknesses. Here, it is a combination of lens and settings making a huge difference. For example, the one shot with the epl-2 is taken at the full 42 mm zoom, wide open aperature, and low 1/8 of a second shutter speed. I'm suprised it came out as good as it did, as those are about the toughest settings you can choose for the kit lens. It is sharper zoomed out, if zoomed in all the way it is sharper at higher aperatures, and 1/8 second is pretty slow speed for full zoom.

If you want to compare detail, stick the camera on a tripod or use it in daylight, put the ISO at 200, zoom the lens to the middle of its range at around 25mm, and see what you get. I bet you'll be suprised how much better it comes out. It just takes a little bit of practice!

The very first step to better understanding your camera is to learn how shutter speed, and aperature work. They display right there on the screen while shooting, so always keep an eye on them. Shutter speed and aperature are the heart of creative control over your photos. If you really learn and understand just those two settings and how to use them, your photography will dramatically improve.

Good luck!

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