NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: NEX-7 for $1,300?

mswlogo wrote:

ianimal wrote:

I don't feel sure about anything yet. Just a rumor so...
I would guess a price for a NEX7 around $1000+-
So maybe 999, 1099, 1199 or even 1299 but just some wild guessing.

A semi-pro DSLR is around 1300-1700$ so a bit cheaper I would guess
the NEX7 could be. Time will tell.

But a bit strange the price already now is rated SR5. I believe the price
could change and would not already now be known.

Nikon D5100 (same sensor as D7000) and considered one of the best high ISO APS-C sensors is $899.00 with 18-55VR lens.

They need to keep it under a $1000.00

Personally I would pay upwards of 1500 for what i consider to be the holy grail: a camera that has a small form factor that takes SLR quality shots. A lot of companies/cameras have come close (ie M4/3, G-series, s90 etc.) but the image quality is just not there.

I am a mountaineer and have carried a 5d on all my 6000m+ climbs and while i love the shots when i get home, lugging that thing around is a serious pain and, to some degree, a safety hazard (since i cant put it in my pocket i have to dangle it around my neck, interfering with the oxygen rig, ice axe, etc.). I have since got a nex-5 and fell in in love with it, no heavy equipment hanging form my neck just put in your pocket! Even if i'm just traveling the nex set-up is always on my equipment list. Its great for taking pictures of things you maybe should not be taking pictures of.

But I do agree that more lenses need to be available (esp CZ 24/1.7) and that a price tag of 1300 is only justified if the controls are truly manual (and somehow more easily adjusted on the nex-5 changing controls is a pain esp with gloves on) and the other specs are as rumored (24mp, etc.) If this is the case ill be first in line to get the nex-7.

My first post-Dan

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