Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: I still don t get it

GAD807 wrote:

zoranT wrote:

So, you're still not getting it. It can be done in many ways.

If I can nail a 1/48s exposure 100 times of 100 do you still call it chance or luck?

Before you re getting it right it is luck, once you get it, it s not. Remember that most folks in the forum don t have the possibility to check metadata, so it s basically guessing/assuming. And based on that I cannot reproduce your claims with certainty ie I don t see any difference - not saying that it s wrong, only not viable at the moment.

Ok, let's say I tell someone in a completely dark room to mix to buckets of paint.

If one bucket is white and one is black he will get grey. The instructions are still viable even if he can't see anything and check the result.

I'm the guy with the light; the instructions are viable, the procedure is not, I don t see any difference when following the instructions at first and then release the shutter while filming (low light) to see how it compares when I watch the recording afterwards; according to your instructions, the video image should be much grainier, for example, when I point to darker areas,--- which it is not; but then when I start filming in the same dark lit areas, the gain is high; ie the camera doesn t behave equally in the same light situations – I guess it depends on the exposure measurement the second before > it doesn t switch that quickly - I m assuming;

as another point: does adjusting Ev mean anything?

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