NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: 24mp DX or FX sensor

Pixel binning for removing moirè patterns is already used by Panasonic GH2 on its 18MP sensor, so I don't think it's an impossible task for a yet-to-come camera with 24MP.

I'm talking about video mode here, and I think this camera seems to have great potential.

If specs are true, and moirè fixed, it would have better features than GH2, 60D, D5100, 5DMarkII and maybe also soon-to-be announced 5DMarkIII.

So, it could overcome ALL the current DSLR used for video.
Obviously competition won't rest, but we have no news currently.

The price tag of 1300$ would be inferior to all of them, and lower than VG10, AF100 and FS100.

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