NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: 24mp DX or FX sensor

gfrensen wrote:

aman74 wrote:

gfrensen wrote:

I agree that mirrorless is the future. I don't think DSLR type of cameras will dissapear totaly, but the mirrorless will take over the front row.

The question if the e-mount is capable of housing a FF chip is something that I don't know. Maybe it can fit behind the mount, but will a FF lens be capable of give enough light on the edges with this small flange distance?

I don't think the Nex will get IIS ever. It would be strange, Sony will have to build lenses with and without ILIS for the Nex, I don't think that is going tto happen.

They already do build lenses with and without it. Are you trying to say they would have 2 have 2 versions of the same lens?

Only then 16mm Pancake lens has no ILIS, that would make the lens bigger and IS is not that effective on a 16mm lens. Lenses with ILIS will be more expansive then lenses without. Look at Canon and Nikon, they desided to go the ILIS way and have no bodies with IBIS. In some ways IBIS is better (all lenses have IS) but in other ways ILIS is better (the IS is dedicated for that lens and can be more effective)

Can Sony comes with a body with IBIS for the Nex? Well YES, but will they (as IBIS shortens the video capability as the sensor over heats faster with IBIS (see the ST cameras)

I see no reason the camera couldn't have IBIS as well. If the lens your using has optical then you simply wouldn't turn on the in camera option.

It ispossible...

Why don't you think the DSLR could disappear? It certainly could for Sony. If they aren't going to use an OVF and on sensor PDAF works there would be zero reason for them to have a mirrored camara.

First I do believe the DSLRs can disappear, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon. And as DSLRs have taken over Film bodies, there still are some film cameras sold out there. I think the same will happen, mirrorless will take over, but for a long time therewill be DSLR(and SLT) cameras be sold. Remember a lot of people have very expancive lenses that won't work (as well) on a mirrorless (no or very slow AF, need of an adapter etc.)

Sony is still developing new lenses voor the DSLR line, so they will not stop soon.

Not sure if FF is 100 percent possible for E-Mount. I though Sony said it was? If not, then they really blew that one as it seems their own business model is pushing towards going more and more mirrorless. SLT seems like a stop gap.

Was just going by what you said. You said they wouldn't disappear. I agree they will be around for a long while and mostly for legacy and corporate reasons.

Yes, I know the 16mm would have to be bigger and more expensive and ILIS is not as necessary at that focal length. I was just responding that you said they would have to have lenses with and without, which they already do. I don't see why the two couldn't co-exist, especially if Nex becomes the real focus of the camera line.

That was my whole point. If there becomes no need for the mirror then where do we go from here? More features will get put in the Nex.

What can happen and will happen are very different, especially considering what a company needs to do to make money. I understand this, but I was pontificating on the future.

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