NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: 24mp DX or FX sensor

Someone mentioned whether the A mount could become irrelevant and it brings up a good point.

If on chip PDAF becomes a workable solution as it appears it will then the Nex would become the preferable platform. There would be no more mirror needed in the A series cameras, but then there would also be no need for the larger register distance or the mount itself.

It seems Sony is abandoning the OVF altogether, so if chip based PDAF performs it seems there would be no point in the Alpha line altogether.

It's already been said that the E mount should be FF capable as well.

Hopefully the Nex camera's get IBIS and an EVF as for me it's the superior platform. It just seems they are holding back on it a bit so as not to cannibalize the Alpha's sales.

It feels like we're awfully close to a lot of people's dream cameras. I know if I had and evf close to an ovf in quality, IBIS and a FF option I'd be in hog heaven. For the most part the slower AF isn't an issue for me, but for those who need that as well it looks like that is on the horizon as well.

I gotta give Sony some credit for going out on a limb and it looks like some great things could come of it. I do agree with some of the negatives as well though. They need to get more lenses out and if the EVF's aren't ready for primetime they should still offer a more traditional DSLR. Maybe the new EVF will be that significant. Still some quirks with SLT though.

It's going to be an interesting next few years. This may force a shift in the whole industry if Sony is succesfull enough. I hope they are because I think the DSLR is a dinosaur in many ways and if Canikon was forced into heavy R&D which I believe they already are starting, they could come up with some amazing products. I just think it will be a slow process as they have too much legacy glass sales to protect and they can't just switch at the drop of a hat. I'm just glad Sony and Pan/Oly is giving them a push in the right direction.

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