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The size reduction for a full size image is negligible... metadata generally takes up a fraction of a percent of the file size. But for small thumbnails, the percentage that metadata takes up is greater. For thumbnails, the size reduction is worth-while (especially in situations where there are hundreds of thousands of thumbnails).

Sometimes people don't want to show what camera or lens they were using in a shot. Sometimes going through several versions of a file, the metadata can kinda have weird artifacts from different programs putting the data in different places. Sometimes people steal someone else's work and want to hide that fact. When dealing with images from multiple sources the metadata may be formated differently and sometimes it can cause problems with other programs. The metadata may also contain a thumbnail of the image... there was a situation that happened a few years back with a minor web celebrity who posted some "headshots" of herself to her blog, however some people looked at the files and saw the embedded thumbnails showed that the original shots were of her topless, and they were later cropped to just be headshots. Because of concerns like this and the privacy threat of exposing GPS data, many large websites that host images for the general public (like facebook, not sites like this one that cater to photographers) might find it advantageous to strip all metadata.

Also watch your terminology... generally ownership and source info are recorded in IPTC and XMP. Some creator data can be stored in EXIF, but most of EXIF is data like date created, camera make and model, etc. Even though the program is called Exiftool (because when it was originally written it mostly dealt with just EXIF) the latest versions of the program can now edit XMP and IPTC as well.

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