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Sammy Yousef
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Why would you want to edit EXIF?

1) Add data not recorded by the camera. Classic example is geotagging. You can marry photos using data/time with a GPS track log and insert into the photo.

2) Privacy. Removing Geotagging data so people don't know exactly where you've been, can't go to that secret hunting, fishing, photography spot of yours etc. Or maybe you just don't want someone to know what cameras you own if you do own an expensive pro model.

3) Correct incorrectly recorded data. Focal length with a teleconverter. Copyright message attributes it to you when your wife took the photo. etc.

4) Protect proprietary techniques. I don't necessarily agree with this one but some people don't want you to know what settings they used taking a photo (usually in fear others may be able to match or outdo them)

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