K-7 shutter induced blur - workaround? Question to K-7 users

Started Feb 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: I like your thoughts

Not sure what the cause of that is.
To get his face to move that much it would take a speed of about 2km/hr.

Based on 5mm movement in 1/125th of a second. Very rough guess work but since its not a freaky large number its not inconceivable to be subject movement.
Its also very smooth but I don't know much about the stabilisation in the lens.

Very different to what I was getting in any case.

The easy way to eliminate subject movement is to take pics of stationary objects. Points preferably but I'm sure you've figured that out.

If you ever get three points or more or even two points with no smoothness between them, IOW like jumps, then you have a similar issue to what I was observing.

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