Zeiss 2.8/35mm C + 2.8/25mm ZM Shots

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Re: More please?

headofdestiny wrote:

I'm not sure that the 1 stop difference between the two Biogons is worth owning both.

Yes and I don't usually need a fast lens at all. I'll see how it goes once it get it in my hands soon enough. I may just flip it back on ebay for a small profit...or just leave it in the box and watch it appreciate in value. I sure as heck ain't selling my little C.

I find myself just switching to my 50/1.5 if the light goes down.

You own the Zeiss ZM 50/1.5? Nice. I'm considering buying one of those but they are so spendy even used. But 35=52.5mm is already past my upper bound of focal length needs so no. I need to cool it a bit--this Nex purchase has me reeling with possibilities and quite honestly, I'm "fine" with my ZM 25mm and 35mm C. I finding I really like the 37.5mm effective focal lengh. In film days, I used a Rollie LED with a 40mm (for fishing pics mostly) )and always thought it was a hair too long (and my 35mm was a hair too wide) for the perfect distortion-free "guy with a fish+environment behind him" fishing pics.

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