NEX-7 for $1,300?

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I have DSLRS and how does the nex fit?

millsart wrote:

What if you've already got "Real" cameras such as Nikon D3's which are used to earn a living like I do?

You don't think that I might want to have a small yet high quality option for personal shooting, vacations etc ?

What an ignorant comment

Well I have DSLRs too though not a d3, to expensive and I don't need one because the IQ and fps/AF of midrange dslrs is more than enough for what I do.

I ride dirtbikes and street bikes as well as go on vacations. But the Nex is not that much smaller than a dslr if you put a decent lens on it.r.

I bought a Panasonic ZS7. It has a 24-300 lens and is IS. Is it as good as the Nex as far as lens speed, Nope, shutter speed or FPS? Nope. Interchangeable lens. Nope. High ISO performance, Nope but it does do a great job taking pictures for vacations.

It also doesdoes two things the Nex could never do. First, it can fit in my pocket the Nex cannot. Keep my money in my wallet ($239) and I never have to change lenses. If I have the room to take the Nex, I have the room to take a superior DSLR. Not being a troll, just being realistic.

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