2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

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Re: 2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

Les Kamens wrote:

Hey everyone, work with what works best for you....for me. EVERY non system lens that I've owned Broke...they didn't last but for a few years or so. That being said. I have every Nikkor lens ever bought since 1972. (and Ziess lenses as well)...but as for saving money on all the rest..couldn't even give them away. So my experience has been with system lenses.

Well, to counter your experience, my youngest Sigma lens of the five I have is 6 years old and other than a little peeling paint it's still in perfect working order. The other four look brand new and range from 7 years old to 10 years old. These lenses have been out in weather ranging from -10 degrees to over 110 degrees, rain, hail, snow, dust and any other weather conditions you could describe. All five of them have travelled throughout the world well in excess of 100,000 miles each and have never failed. To each their own, but your description is completely opposite of my experience.

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