NEX-7 for $1,300?

Started Apr 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
And what if you've already got several DSLR's and want a smaller option ?

What if you've already got "Real" cameras such as Nikon D3's which are used to earn a living like I do?

You don't think that I might want to have a small yet high quality option for personal shooting, vacations etc ?

Do you really think everyone with a DSLR wants to carry $10,000 and 10lbs worth of gear everywhere they go ?

What an ignorant comment

r1chm wrote:

I suppose. It would seem that someone would purchage a canon or nikon or even a sony dslr for that price. They would be getting a better (real) camera.

Myari wrote:

who will but it at that price?

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