Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

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Re: Canon EOS Rebel T3 image quality issue

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

As for this thread comparing it to a D3s that is a silly comparison to begin with and you can ignore it. They are not even close to the same type of sensor, price category, or performance world.

And that is just a silly statement. "It must be better because it costs more and the camera companies say it's better" is not what dpreview is about - if it was, why even take shots and do reviews? We'll just assume that anything priced higher is better and be done with it.

When comparing image quality you must look at the RAW image, otherwise you are just comparing in-camera JPEG processing engines, which is not a good representation of actual image quality because every company uses very different approaches to out-of-camera JPEG's, and the user can manipulate those values to make them all look basically identical. Some companies (i.e. Nikon) use far less default in-camera JPEG sharpening, but you can just turn it up if you want and it will look the same as everyone else.

Yeah, it would definitely be better if dpreview had RAW shots at iso's other than just iso200.

If you want to look at unbiased, standardized, sensor comparisons, check out the following link from DXO and select the competition (Pentax Kr and Nikon D3100 or whatever else you may be considering): |0/%28appareil2%29/664|0/%28appareil3%29/672|0/%28onglet%29/0/%28brand%29/Canon/%28brand2%29/Nikon/%28brand3%29/Pentax

dx0 may or may not be biased, but there is certainly some debate about how relevant their results are to the real world picture you end up with. They have had some...well, suspect results that don't seem to make sense of their own.

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