is y new 1d brokn out of the box

Started Nov 22, 2002 | Discussions thread
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elmo Senior Member • Posts: 2,531
I got one JUST like that from B&H

About 3 months ago. Mirror stuck halfway. I fired it a few times, too, but was glad the mirror didn't settle, just to keep the exchange easier.

Soren Coughlin-Glaser wrote:

Ok, I just thought I'd check here before sending this 1d from Delta
back. Straight out of the box, the mirror is horizontal and there
is another smaller mirror below it in the normal 45 degree angle.
The shutter fires, but you cant see through the viewfinder and only
black is recorded (no imgage) It looks broken to me and there is
nothing in the manual about it. But, if for some reason I am just
an idiot please let me know. I'll send it back as soon as I can
get ahold of Betty.

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