Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: I still don t get it

GAD807 wrote:

macsoft wrote:

Before this steps, i set the aperture to the maximum i can in A mode, F22. and it still gets bright as hell when i do the steps to record at the 1/48 shutter speed.

Take a picture f22, 1/50s, ISO 200.
Make a movieclip f22, 1/48s, ISO 200.

The brightness should be the same for the same scene.

you forget i gotta partially cover the lens in a bright day to get 1/48 shutter speed.

so i set the aperture to F22. and cover the lens to get shutter speed to 1/30 - 1/40. I start recording, hold shutter, and remove my hand that was covering the lens to get the right shutter speed. So i'm left with a mega bright almoust white movie recording.

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