Testing my GH2's sensor

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Re: Testing my GH2's sensor

Kolen wrote:

Thanks for interpreting the data. It is clearer. I think at least GH2 has much better control on banding noise then. This alone can compensate to any slightly lower score in the DxOMark.

I can´t see any banding anymore with my GH1 with the latest firmware and ACR6 or LR3.

Again the difference is so small it´s not really worth thinking much about it and as I it comes mostly from a "too good" ISO800 of the GH1. So it could be a wrong measurement (although I believe DXO is professional enough to verify its measurements, especially if they are rather strange)

By the way, I think I still don't understand it completely. jumping from ISO 600 to 12800 shows that its digital pull is not perfect. Actually Canon is infamous for that too so users are warned by the others not to use ISO 125, 250, etc. I think a video posts somewhere in this post shows similar behavior for GH1/GH2. So that could mean using the ISO200, 400, etc. to measure the noise in DxOMark might underestimate the sensor performance at native ISOs.

A Multiplication by 2 should be the same digital or analogue.

Of course you lose precision when doing it digital, but this shouldn´t make any difference when the low order bits only contain random data due to noise, and more important shouldn´t increase noise.

Maybe something in the measurement-method of DXO is indeed somehow affected by the "fake" ISOs, I wouldn´t rule out this possibility completely.

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