Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: I still don t get it

Before this steps, i set the aperture to the maximum i can in A mode, F22. and it still gets bright as hell when i do the steps to record at the 1/48 shutter speed. When i say "i think it works" i say, the values seam locked while I hold the shutter button while recording. Less bizarre for you?

zoranT wrote:

macsoft wrote:

Ok, so i tried it this afternoon.

I think it works... problem is, i got no manual aperture lens, od ND filter, so i got a super mega bright almoust all white movie of a sunny afternoon :S but the exposure stayed locked.

Some questions:
Why in heavens don t you adjust the aperture so it s not too bright anymore?
What do you need a manual lens for? Adjust apt 'manually' in A mode.
You wrote:

"I think it works" – WHAT exactly did work?

What is going on in this forum? It s getting bizarre.

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