Long Live EVIL!

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Re: EVIL - stupid term

s_grins wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

s_grins wrote:

John Bean (UK) wrote:

s_grins wrote:


"true through sensor interchangeable lens" ???

Good grief, that's desperation

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John Bean [GMT+1 aka BST]

Hard to fathom? my deepest condolences.

What exactly does the phrase "true through sensor" mean? Very clumsy wording, if nothing else.

Do you know the meaning of TTL (true through lens)?

Yes, "Throuth The Lens," which applies to metering. Still applicable on DSLRs.

Sorry, True Through Sensor is brain dead. How about DSR? "Direct Sensor Readout?"

TTS means you see the image from sensor, not through the penta prism. TTS is no more clumsy than TTL
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