NX100 or NX10

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NX100 or NX10

The whole object of looking at the NX series of cameras is to equip myself with an APS-C sized lightweight reasonably versatile travel camera as getting older I am finding the weight and bulk of my Pentax K200D too much. With 18-55mm standard kit lens it weighs 910g, and with the Sigma 18-125mm I usually carry it weighs 1180g. I have no interest in video.

Initially I was thinking more of a "Digital Notebook" travel zoom probably the Fuji F550EXR 24/360mm lens principally because of it's RAW ability but after more thinking and correspondence I have been convinced that I would not get the quality I wanted from it's small sensor so I have moved over to the NX series.

My first choice would be the the NX100 with 20/50mm (30-75mm equiv) lens because of it's size but I am still concerned about viewing the screen in bright light wearing glasses and I would prefer the range given by the 18-55mm lens, complete with the 20/50mm lens the NX100 weighs in at 401g.

Second choice would be the NX10 with the wider range 18-55mm weighing 688g about 1/3 less than my pentax which is not achieving a huge weight saving. It's advantages are of course the built in EVF and flash but as I never, well hardly ever, use flash this makes no real difference to me.

dpreview is a little confusing in it's review of the NX10 saying on the one hand that the EVF is very good and then elsewhere saying it's nearly impossible for glasses wearers to see it in bright sunlight. Similarly they say that MF assist is not that great which is a disappointment as I was thinking that on occasion I could use a very lightweight Pentax 28-90mm zoom (42-135mm equiv) to complement either of the kit lenses if necessary.

I then considered the push on EVF for the NX100 but this is expensive for what it is, currently the best price I could find for it is Euro 171 and for the NX10 body is Euro 228 so financial logic says buy both the NX10 and NX100 but then the weight kicks in again and not only the physical weight but the mental one of which camera shall I take etc.

I only briefly looked at the NX11 with the kit lens its Euro 203 more than the NX10 with kit lens and I didn't think there enough advantages for the money.

Going round in ever decreasing circles........

Kind regards

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