Beginner/Mid level DSLRs with Canon video features?

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Re: Video limitations

p-mcdonald wrote:

The Panasonic DMC-GH2 is a very interesting contender. I hear it leaves the competition for dead video-wise (5D included). Shutter priority mode is a welcome feature - does that mean it overrides ISO and aperture settings though? How do you find the stills quality Chris?

I have only had the camera since Monday and shot my first serious videos last night at ISO3200. The video quality was excellent - better than my Canon 7D but that might have been because it was easier to manually focus. I expect the stills quality to be excellent as well.

The GH2 manual isn't very good and I am still learning on the camera. You can certainly control aperture and ISO (and shutter speed) on the GH2 but only at 1080i 60fps. If you want 1080p 24fps you have to go automatic. At least, I think that that is how it works.

Shops here in Australia seem to be phasing it out already though (?!). The price here is significantly higher than my $750 budget too - the cheapest I've seen online is around $1100 for body only. Stock seems to be very rare on the ground too. As someone at the very start of my investment in lenses and accessories I'm unsure how long-term the format will be. I'd rather not dump a lot of cash into lenses only to find the competitors pull away from Panasonic in the near future, if that makes sense.

I am sure that it isn't being phased out - it is in short supply everywhere probably because Pansonic underestimated the demand but possibly because of the earthquake.

To get some idea of the popularity of the GH2, go onto the DVXuser forums and look at how many people are viewing on each of the camera specific forums. When I wrote this more than 50% of the viewers on the DSLR sections of the forum were on Panasonic.

You might want to read the video sections of the GH2 review on this site.

There are a number of on GH2 video on this site:
Look under Product Reviews.

There is also a GH2 forum on DVXuser:

So basically my options for full manual exposure are limited to the Canon range or the GH2?

Sorry, I am not familiar with video on Nikon or Sony.
Chris R

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