2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

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1. The majority of the lenses listed in my profile, including a number of lenses not listed, as I gifted them to other family members, were purchased from B&H (the remaining ones from Adorama) and all of them within the past six years. I have never received a lens that was faulty or that I had to return. I am "knocking on wood", as I understand others say they have not been as fortunate, and I am truly sorry for them.

2. Most all my lenses are Nikkor and Leica lenses, and I only purchase my lenses brand new (with over night delivery to me) with either Nikon or Leica warranties respectively. I have purchased just one Sigma lens (50-500mm) and a couple or so Tamron lenses (a 11-18mm Superwide and a 28-300mm VC lens), brand new and with their respective manufacturer's USA Warranties, again with no problems; however, I have never purchased a Tokina lens, and so can't say anything about their quality.

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BRJR ....(LOL, some of us are quite satisfied as Hobbyists ..)

viclauyyc wrote:

Sigh. I just order a Tokina 100mm for my D3. First one has problem with the aperture, sometime it show the max aperture as 2.8, most other time is 5.6 or 3.2 or something in between. So I send it back to BH for exchange. The second copy behave the same.

I test my D3 with other older lens with aperture ring. All works fine. Then I test the tokina with my good old D70, the very same thing happen........

So is it me have bad luck or Tokina has bad QC.

PS. the serial number for both tokina is different. so they did not just send back the bad lens

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Vic Lau at Calgary

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