2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

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Re: No bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

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Sigh. I just order a Tokina 100mm for my D3. First one has problem with the aperture, sometime it show the max aperture as 2.8, most other time is 5.6 or 3.2 or something in between. So I send it back to BH for exchange. The second copy behave the same.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience you experienced but as others here have explained, neither of your lenses was defective. So, your first lens came back to us with a report it was bad when it apparently was not. What should an ethical retailer do with this item?

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Henry Posner
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This situation puts any company in a tough situation. Technically the lens is no longer new, but it's theoretically in perfect condition. If it's resold as new a person could complain that they received a used product. If the company has to sell it as used they take a hit on the profit margin on something that's completely the fault of the customer. It all could have been avoided if the OP had done any research or called your customer service line before assuming incorrectly that the lens was defective.

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