2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

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Re: 2 bad lens from B&H, what is the odd

Les Kamens wrote:

Just another reason to use system lenses... You spent 5000 plus on the body and the most important part the "eye" lens is where you decide to save money???? as i've mentioned before it cost you more in the long run, in repairs or sending it back for a working one or living with what you have till you can't any more. And then there is the resale value of a non system lens if it is still working properly.

Sorry, but I disagree completely. There's some cases where the "system" lenses aren't the best option or only viable option available. The clearest example of this, the Sigma 150 macro. There's nothing in the Nikon or Canon lineup even close in price or quality to compare this lens to, it's darn near perfection and very reasonably priced.

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