Getting a 24p look with NEX-5

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Re: I still don t get it

why should it? since there is no connection betw. vid and photo mode. Once you press the video button, the camera applies new measurement. Most of the time the image is much darker than in photo mode. But I m happy to try your theory.

I haven't tried it, but it wouldn't surprise me if it works. In aperture priority/auto ISO mode, both the photo and video mode are limited to the same two parameters it can play with. Since the objective is similar, it is simpler for Sony to use a similar algorithm. There may be a certain scale factor between photo and video shutter; and it is actually more limiting for video as it cannot go below a certain shutter speed, but may go above the 1600 auto ISO limit, etc..

In any event, the video algorithm is deterministic, and there should be a certain lighting condition that will generate your desired shutter/iso combination (within reason) for video. By trial and error, you may find out what that is. The problem is making that artificial condition reproducible and finding a formula for initial aperture setting versus desired ISO values.

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