NEX-7 for $1,300?

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Re: Depends...

Dennis wrote:

jazzroy1972 wrote:

that's true..

but specs could be killer:

  • 24 Mpixels sensor capable of 812000 ISO !

  • EVF

  • Manual controls

  • Improved video? (if they find a solution for moirè it could be way better than the VG10 and cost less!)

Those are not killer specs. They can max the ISO wherever they want, but it's only going to be so good. EVF & manual controls you get on the $750 SLTs. So what could Sony do in a NEX to justify a $1200 (for the body) price ?

Yes you get these on the SLT, but you also get the mirro inbetween the lens and the sensor, a problem for some! Then, if the rumours are true, the EVF will be better then that in the Axx cameras. And the sensor will be better and the build quality will be better. Remember people bought the Minolta 7D and not the 5D for build quality! Oh and you will be able to use almost any lens on this camera (with adapter) So many reasons to buy this camera, when the rumours are true...

My guess would be that the sensor is designed for faster readout, allowing for faster CDAF. (I'd never pay that for a camera with NEX-5 AF speed). I doubt we're going to see an electronic shutter yet, but that would help justify the price tag.

The better AF would be a killer I think (not read about that in the rumour) The electronic shutter would be very nice too!

I also agree w/others that such an expensive body in absence of good lenses isn't going to be much of a seller. The rumored CZ24 is a good start, but the other 2011 lenses are rumored to be a 55-200 zoom and a 50/1.8. Sure, plenty of people use NEX w/legacy lenses, but I don't think you're looking at the kind of volumes Sony sees w/consumer sales of the 3 & 5.

Sony will never get the sales numbers of the Nex 3/5 with the Nex 7 and they know that. The same is true for the A7x, it will never get the sqame sale4s figures as the A33 and a55 cameras.

But then again, this is SAR, which ought to be renamed "Sony Idle Speculation"

And this remark is the one that makes the most sense in this thread I think.

  • Dennis

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